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Match the angle of expanding squares to the angle of the black square. If you don’t we’re afraid it’s game over.


Tap and swipe your way through bite sized levels and build up your overall Spin Out score.

TAP the RIGHT side of the screen to spin expanding squares clockwise
TAP the LEFT side of the screen to spin expanding squares anti clockwise
SWIPE anywhere to speed up expanding squares (this is very important)

IMPORTANT: The sooner you swipe the more points you score.

If you aren’t happy with your level score, simply restart the level to improve your previous score.

What will be your high score?

Spin Out and have fun!


◉ Tap and swipe game play
◉ 45 hand crafted levels
◉ Easy to swipe, hard to win
◉ Ultra simplistic graphics
◉ Endless Levels / high scores
◉ Minimal design
◉ Pumping 80’s soundtrack
◉ Leaderboards and Achievements

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